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Size does matter ;) Konnte nicht widerstehen. Riesenpackung Manner Schnitten ;) (Taken with instagram)

I love those, where can I get them?


Domsai by Matteo Cibic

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HTML5 & Adobe Flash

Even Adobe stopped to work on a mobile solution for Flash and is now putting its efforts into HTML5 solutions for its mobile software development. (Source: "Adobe: We´re ditching Flash Player for mobile." 


HTML5: The Technology Changing the Web -

A year and a half after Steve Jobs endorsed it in an unusual essay, a set of programming techniques called HTML5 is rapidly winning over the Web.

That promise—and the lure of Apple Inc. devices in particular—is sweeping aside alternative technologies. In the latest development, Adobe Systems Inc. said Wednesday it will pull back on pushing the rival Flash format opposed by Mr. Jobs for mobile devices.

“HTML5 is a major step forward,” declares venture capitalist Marc Andreessen, who helped invent the first successful browser, Netscape, in the 1990s.

The technology allows Internet browsers to display jazzed-up images and effects that react to users’ actions, delivering game-like interactivity without installing additional software. Developers can use HTML5 to get their creations on a variety of smartphones, tablets and PCs without tailoring apps for specific hardware or the online stores that have become gatekeepers to mobile commerce.

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I should have done this earlier, nice idea :) 

Daily Mugshot is a free service which helps you chronicle daily images of yourself and share them as an animated sequence.

I love to take pictures with my Iphone 4, so I just ordered one ;)


Olloclip iPhone Lens

by BiteMyApple

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finally reading part III :) (Taken with instagram)

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News Enterprises are looking for new business models to earn money on the web with their news platforms. Actually you can say: Paywall vs. free information. Google now is trying something different.